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The Journal of Jersey D Gibson

hehehe, you can apply this one to children too...
11/27/2007 05:03 a.m.

thank my wife for getting me into such things...

this is too precious though. Knowing chriss, she'd take both the baby and the adult!

p.s. sorry, you're gonna have to copy and paste on the addy bar due to my retardedness...
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Iraq, Redux
09/23/2007 02:59 p.m.
I'm looking around the wonderful expanse of Northern Iraq, where the average daytime temperature makes Arizona look temperate in comparison. The sand is thick and heavy with "moon dust" covering it, while the sun blazes in a cloudless blue sky.

If you ignore the chattering machine guns, the occational incoming mortar rounds, and the black smokestacks of something burning, it's only slightly hellish here.

Yes, I'm back in Iraq, and this time I'm the voice of experience as I watch over a bunch of new guys who are looking around with the eyes "oh, crap, why did I join the Army instead of going to collage" talking loud. peace and home are a long way off, and it's off by a long long stretch.

Things are simpler here, though. Much more black and white. Little about politics, more with weight. The bringing of th sun comes the Imam's song, and us getting up in the morning grumbling, not so different from home. IF you live in a trailer, that is, or a tent.

Mostly, though, it is my wife that helps me get through the most. She's always there for me, talking to me no matter what time I call, helping take care of things at home while I'm over here, roasting. Its such a wonderful feeling knowing that a wonderful woman has got your back. I can only hope to repay the favor. Best way I know how is to come back home with as many pieces attached as possible.

luv ya, babe.
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Jersey's Overseas!
09/14/2007 07:23 p.m.
Jersey is currently overseas on his second combat tour to Iraq. This is his wife writing in his journal. Cause I'm cool like that...

He likely will not have access to the internet, possibly even phones once they are settled at their FOB.

Their FOB has not yet been created, such is the reason for no internet access. He may, sporatically, over his 15 month tour have access to getting online, but don't expect to hear from him.

If you would like to write to him, I will be posting the address here in his journal as well as in mine. For now I have an address, but it is only an interim address for their temporary FOB. I'm not going to give that out to ward off confusion for when it changes (again... eye roll!)

Anyway, if anybody has messages for him they'd like me to give him, I'd be more than happy to pass them along!

You can reach me here, I'm Christine Griffey, or you can email me at caelanwolf@ yahoo. com


Take care and keep my man in your thoughts! Fifteen months is a long tour, and we expect it will be extended to at least 18 months before he comes home!


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"Support Our Troops"
08/06/2007 04:59 a.m.
Nothing cracks me up more than those funny little yellow ribbon stickers on the sides of everyones car saying "support our troops". It's great to be appreciated, and I'm greatful to live in a time when the war approval rate is down the gutter, that people remember that there are still american lives on the line, every day.

So what makes it so funny? Seeing one of these stickers on a behemoth Cadillac Escalade that guzzles gas quicker than a college student on a three day bender. Or, better yet, one of these stickers on a car with an Exxon/Moble parking sticker on it. Yes, the world is a funny place, and people do have particular politics.

I watched the Democratic/Republican debates (not for fun, they just happened to be on) and I laughed my way through most of it. I realized that Bush's pile of doggie poop that we call America's State Of Affairs is going to go into the hands of one of these lucky contestants (I mean... canidates). Iraq. The Economy. International Relations. Taxes. Who ever gets the lucky lotto number this time around is going to have their hands full for at least two good years... maybe even three or four. America's a bit messy right now, and I don't see to many able-bodied people who have the stones to make it right, or something resembling it.

Recently, a soldier just died in Iraq, and it was his fifth tour. Fifth! Now, of course, it probably didn't say that he went to Kosovo or Bosnia, or that he was in Afganistan once and Iraq twice, but think about that. We've got guys now who've been at war longer than World War II. Most guys there only served around 12-14 months. Some did a long haul (like the unfortunate ones in the philipines, or the survivors of the consentration camps or the bataan death march) but many soldiers do two tours, some three, and a few even more than that. I'll even throw in the air force and the navy into that, doing repetitious deployments, 6 months on and off since October 2001. I know an air force (tech sergeant? e-6) who's done seven tours. That's 3 1/2 years of middle east time by itself, not including the in betweens. Makes for a heck of a lot of combat pay.

So, when are we coming home for good?

I'll answer that question for you on Jan 11, 2009, the first day for the next president. I hope we'll know then.
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11/11/2006 02:26 p.m.
Yae! 9 days until I get married! I can't wait, Chriss!
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Let's Do This, I'm A Cashew
10/15/2006 03:26 p.m.
yeah, Friday the 13th lived to expectations. I love it when your handed about one of the worst days you can possibly have in about an hour, and expected not to flip or lose it.
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30 days left!
06/18/2006 09:24 p.m.
Oh yeah, 30 days until I'm outta Iraq! So awesome!

(8)Leavin' on a jetplane...(8)
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20,000 reads!
11/04/2005 08:47 a.m.
Wow, that's a statistic... I've had 20,000 reads on my poetry. With less than 500 poems, hmmm, math time

20,000 divided by 500 equals... 400 reads a poem...

Funny, i've got a ton that don't even have 10 reads!

One poem holds over 10% of my reads. My only poem of the day. I just wrote that poem for the hell of it, too...
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Am I Evil?
10/27/2005 09:41 p.m.

How evil are you?

The sad thing was, I was actually being honest, too...
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The Way Things Are?
10/20/2005 01:11 a.m.
Something occured to me when I was reading a poem. I remember about 6 months back or so, me and my fiancee were at RenFest, when we came upon a little girl, about 5 years old, wandering around, lost and alone. You know that wide-eyed look of a child who went to something shiny and exciting and has no idea where their parents are at.

Me, being of a hero complex, went to her to see if she was ok. It wasn't like the RenFest had a Lost and Found (at least I wasn't aware of one) but my finacee told me "You can't just approach a little girl who's alone"

"Why not? She's lost."

"Because someone may think you're a bad person."

Unfortunately, she had a very good point. A little kid just wandering around, then you got some grown man who comes to her and basically takes her? First thoughts on this senario, anyone? It's sad that you can't just 'help' someone anymore without fear of legal issues, lawsuites, or incrimination. You can't even harm the man breaking into your house without some purview or damages filed against you. What a crock.

Me and my finacee ended up taking the little girl with both of us, hold her hands until we found her mother about 5 minutes later. The great thing about kids? They never really wander that far, their attention spans are too short. They usually get decked with the "Oh sh*t" bug pretty quick when they look for that comfort of mommy or daddy a minute or two later.

The mom was grateful. I wonder how she would have felt if it had only been me holding that little girl's hand? And I was only trying to help and do the right thing.
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