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The Journal of Kate Demeree

10/23/2014 12:40 p.m.
It has been awhile since I wrote anything here, I come and visit from time to time. Reading and thinking, yet leaving not a whisper of having been here. There have been births, and deaths... Weddings and funerals. Life seems to be so full that the moments no longer stretch but fly by. This last week we had a funeral for my Mother-in-law. My baby sister went to a nursing home. and are in the process of getting a new home. Someone once told me that young women didn't write as much because they were to busy living.... next month I will be 60 and man is my life full!!!! I miss you all and miss having the time to write... but am happy in the living of my life. Busy with church, home, family, work,and just being. I wish you all well and will try to stop in more often
I am currently Cheerful
I am listening to puppies play

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Not Here, Not Gone
10/04/2014 10:00 p.m.
It has been a long time since I wrote here, I have been here to read, although I did not sign in. I am not here.... but I am not gone. Upon these pages within these poems.... rests my Heart. For now I am not writing.... but someday I am sure, I will again. For now God Bless and Keep you all safe!
I am currently Cheerful

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Writing A Song
05/11/2010 12:19 a.m.
I am soooo excited I may not have posted in a long time, but have written. I am currently working on a song. God gave me the words, and my husband the melody!!! As soon as our church has heard it, I will post it here!!! Yippee I have something to post!
I am currently Excited
I am listening to my husband singing our song!

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Thinking Aloud
03/01/2010 11:44 p.m.
A Small Rant

Frustration runs deep through thought
Feelings jumbled, wanting so very much
The ability to make my voice
Sound to my and others ears
As it does in my head

However when I open my mouth
Flat, dull, toneless sound emerges
How can my head hear it,
Yet my voice refuse to utter it

Bee-bop, bubblegum is so very easy
There the up’s and down’s just come naturally,
The reverence I feel, the awe, the humbleness,
All come out in a sort of monotone

Frustration grows larger note by note
Till the microphone flies from my hands
Back into the stand
And cursing my inability…

I turn once again to the keys
My fingers can hit with practiced ease…
Is practice therefore the answer?

I am currently Bothered
I am listening to rants in my head

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10/25/2009 08:49 p.m.
I haven't posted much though I seem to be writing. It is just that I am writing differently.... The things I seem to pen now are prayers. I thought poetry was the deepest most intimate form of writing, I found out that to pen a prayer goes so deep within the writer .... you sometimes gasp for breath
I am currently Amazed
I am listening to laughter

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Sliver Moon
04/20/2007 04:53 a.m.
She hung, slivered
Above the shadowed hill,
Upon black velvet draperies,
Nestled amid twinkling dancers

I shameless voyeur
Reveled in her beauty
Hushed and still
Her grace
A forever memory

In bits and pieces, stopping along the way the poetry yet lives in my heart.
I wonder why it is, silence seems preferable.
Is it fear or an unwillingness to share
That deepest part of my heart and soul

There are times I ache
To be able to put into words
What I feel, think

Once long ago the words came so easily,
It was as if each breath
Brought something wonderful
That must be saved, shared,

Is it myself I wish not to see
Or the world
Perhaps it is an unwillingness to
Try and capture a dream, coming true

I love you hangs in the air
Wind kissed and

I am currently Peachy
I am listening to peepers

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Joy and Sorrow
01/09/2007 03:47 a.m.
I have been having a bit of trouble doing journal entries but hopefully this will work! There has been so much going on in my life that I seldom have time to put my fingers on the keyboard and type a few stray thoughts. I love and miss you all! But at the moment the joy outweighs the hurt. There is a very special person out there that I miss a lot. He is so dear to us and always in our thoughts and prayers. His smile and deep dark eyes are missed as is his presence. Hopefully we will be able to have contact with him again soon until we can I will continue to pray for him and his whole family. Should any of you have a prayer circle please include Joe on your list of names!
As to the happy the Joy *soft smile * that comes from My Love who proposed to me on Christmas Day. I often wondered if there were a man out there who shared both my passion and my commitment, who had the heart of a child and dared. Well there was, and he didnt give up on me. Even though for two years I said no to every invitation * smile * The shy man who never asked anyone out persisted. I am So Very Glad He Did. He didnt give up on me!
One day he walked into the small store where I worked I had just returned to work after being out with a broken sternum, and he said Hi, how you doing Funny thing happened then my heart all of a sudden did a flip it seemed like he was surrounded by light I smiled and said Better Now~! And I was the hurt had gone away, it was as if the sun had come out from behind a cloud, to shine on me. Our first date was karaoke * Grin*. He wouldnt sing took forever before he would. The first song he sang was Stairway to Heaven He sang it beautifully and my daughter who had been picking on him shouted out from upstairs that it was GREAT!
So very much has happened that it would take forever to write it all, I will try in bits and pieces.
The wedding is set for June 28, 2008 *big happy smile * A big wedding and I already have the gown almost paid for. A dream a dream coming true~!

I am currently Happy
I am listening to My Daugher tell me about a book

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Sing in the sunshine...
04/03/2006 08:36 p.m.

There is such a warm sunny feeling inside
It seems as if I am singing
A song without words

Suddenly I feel Beautiful!
I feel light and airy
As If I
The ragmuffin erchin
Had grown gossimer wings

The freckle faced child
Who once looked to Gram
With tear stained cheeks
To be told that they were
Angel Kisses...

Now feels as if she were

Kissed by an Angel...

Lord, I thank you...
Humble child that I am
For the blessings you have given me

For this Life
This Day
This Hour
This moment

For the song you placed in my heart
Sing in the sunshine

I am currently Blessed
I am listening to Angel Wings

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01/07/2006 03:27 a.m.

There comes a time when you know it is right to clear away the things of the past. A time to let go and move on and into the light again. The lessons you learn will forever remain etched upon your very being. I dont think you ever stop loving anyone you have loved, but the love changes. If it has been nurtured it grows stronger and the seed you have planted bears fruit, if it is not it withers and dies only the memory of the planting remains. If you are fortunate you learn from having planted the seed, sometimes you learn not to plant in fallow ground. Sometimes the lesson is without proper sunlight, water, and food a seed can not survive. Knowing when it is time to till the ground again is necessary if you want to have a garden full of beautiful flowers and memories. Perhaps in our own way we are all farmers.

I am currently Blessed
I am listening to the gentle hang up click of the phone

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01/03/2006 02:49 a.m.

It is said that we write mostly when we are hurting

Pain and suffering flowing from our fingertips

With each word comes a release we can get no other way

There was a time... when that was true for me

I felt sorry for myself, only I was to blind to see that

Too steeped in myself to even consider that.

Now... Oh Now My Heart Sings!

I am so very thankful for what I have gone through

For having Loved and lost

For having Loved and not seeing it returned

For having gone through the bad

Without that I would not have recognized or appreciated

The Wonder, The Beauty... that before me lies

Some times it takes being stomped by A Loving Father

To stop long enough to see

I am so very Grateful for

So Humbled By

The Love Our Father has shown to me

For the Love He in his infinite wisdom

Held... until I was ready to receive it.

I am thankful for wonderfully understanding friends

For My family

For Our Father In Heaven...

And for

You My Love

For your tender hearted ways,

Your romanticism

Your courage

Your wisdom to know

Your willingness to accept


For not asking me to give just half of myself

But accepting all... wonderfully, graciously

For allowing me... to be me

Thank You Love

For the Love you give to me

The beauty and wonder you bring to me

With each breath you breathe

I am currently Awestruck
I am listening to Inner Peace

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