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New Things..
01/26/2004 07:07 a.m.
I'm not really much of a journal person, as you can probably tell.. Considering I've only got 4 previous entries and I've been a member since October 1999...

Anyway, I've been writing some pieces about a fantasy world I have created.. I have been very encouraged by the response I have gptten on the work that I keep in my Lutar; Land of Times to Come folder.. I am trying for an interesting balance of introducing the details of my fantasy landscape and the world of people and places it hosts, while not disrupting the flow of the pieces that describe it or beating people over the head with what are really the inconsequential details surrounding the stories... Yes, I would love for readers to be able to get an accurate view of the world, but I don't want to write poorly and make blatancy the name of the game..

So I shall continue to write, hopefully portraying what I would love for others to be able to see, and at the same time creating poetry that people will enjoy reading and find meaning in..

Thank you to all,
Take care..

Leandra ;)
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Change and Organization... I hope!
03/04/2003 09:33 p.m.
I finally sat down and looked at my poetry library and discovered not even I could find what I wanted, and I wrote and named it all... so I decided it was time for some organiation... those of you who've read through a fair chunk of my poetry will note that it's not the most orderly collection in existence, so I've kept with fairly open themes for the new folders. I kept the poetry I like the best out in the "Library" and the rest I've portioned out among the new folders designated as such: As the Bard wills, Dabblings, Love & About, Pensive, and Short. I also chagned all my icons to something less staid and the same as everyon else's... Please, comment on the organization.. there's still a lot of crossover as mayof the poems could fit in multiple places, but I've tried to put them where they seemed to make the most sense.. If you find a poem that just screams that it should be somewhere else, please tell me.. ;) I had a bit of a job just trying to fit them all into designations anyway... :) Thanks everyone, Enjoy!
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Life and Change
01/06/2003 11:11 p.m.
It has been some time since my las journal entry... I am unused to keeping one.. I have something new on my mind of late though... You see, I'm getting married.. so life is to take a new twist. I am overjoyed and enthusiastic in what I see as a grand new adventure, as I'm sure all young folks do when they first contemplate the idea of pledging one's self to another... However I did not expect to marry into the military, and while I have not real reservations about being affiliated with the service, my fiancee is being sent overseas for a 90 day tour in the Middle East. Only that 90 day stint will become an indefinite 90+ days if we go to war with Iraq while he's over there... as we are to be married soon after he is to return, I am worried that things might not work out on the schedule I had planned. And while I am not so naive as to think the world runs on my schedule, it would be nice to be able to plan a wedding for a definite time frame.. *sighs* Unfortunately, with the talk I hear on the news of late, my time frame and Bush's seem to overlap somewhat... So the only other hope I have of things not totally being disrupted, is that it wil be a short war, or that they'll still rotate out personell... but I don't know if that's even reasonable to hope for.. I've never worried much about military protocol before.. Maybe if I send President Bush an email he'll put off the war until after my wedding.. You think? *grins* Anything can happen, right?
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New poetry
12/27/2001 04:48 a.m.
Just as an informatory message, the 30 some-odd poems that I added this evening are ones that I wrote in highschool which didn't get transferred to my computer when I went to College... I've been combing through my parent's computer and posting things I haven't read in years... It's been an interesting project.. I hope you all enjoy the new work as well as the old. As a general rule of thumb, if there's no date posted it should have originated between '95 and early '98... (I graduated in '98) If you've eny specific questions, please feel free to ask... I'd be happy to respond on almost any subject, and I'm a huge fan of feedback... *grin*

Leandra ;)
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Journal Entry
10/12/2001 06:08 p.m.
It's early, still and I haven't been getting enough sleep. I was up a good 2 hours before I should have been, but I put my time to good use. 6 hours of sleep a night just doesn't work for me, but there don't seem to be enough hours in the day. I'm a full-time Studio Art student at WWU and there's never enough time... I'm not used to journals and I've never kept one, but I'm going to consider this an alternate medium by which you may view parts of who I am.. I don't promise that it will excite you, but I assure you that it will be interesting and thoughtful... and likely entertaining as well. If you know me these will make more sense. If not they will confuse you for a while.. I have no idea how often I will write these, so we'll have to see...

Leandra :)
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