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Coming to Grips
09/28/2022 05:05 p.m.
How do you recover when you find out the person you've been in love with FOR 20 YEARS killed himself? I keep thinking I've been punked... like why, why would he do that? Just trying to process this because it's going to be 6-months on Oct. 9th and I'm still thinking EVERY vintage-black-Cadillac driving down the street is going to pull over and Chris is going to jump out.
Just working my way through a process of sorts...
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To Ben
07/18/2009 04:16 a.m.
So thank you for the cool text message convo yesterday. Your kindness about by my writing and the pic are much appreciated. And, yah. You are right. I have shocked a few people by actually posting a pic ~ so now ~ I think I should request that I be allowed to change my name. (Sable N. Hennig or Sable E. Naut) Sable was my pick of my dog, Biscuit’s litter. <=won’t go into it because of the trauma at 4 years-old when I found out I couldn’t keep her… you know I’m all about low-key, no drama. And BTW, the picture won’t be posted for much longer.

Here’s the thing. There are two writers on this site I want you to check out. Scott Cadence and JJ Deal. All things stated here out are in complete sincerity.

Scott has always made such an impression on me with his artistry of words and music. He combines both on many of his links. Also, had I working brain cell in my head ~ I would have realized when we were at WOC ~ he lives there… I think in the same suburb as Mike & Jannelle! Next February we plan on meeting up and hanging out. How cool is that?!!!

Then there’s JJ ~ I’m sure I’ve been by his material over the years but you have to check him out. I read his work and am just so caught up in his personality and his way of catching a moment in time from his heart ~ just so cool. His folder 1998 – the writing – I could so see it set to music and it just puts me in awe. Then there’s the front page library ~wow~ just in-your-face amazing.

So please. Check them out. I need to say hi to Scott. I haven’t checked in on him in a while and see how he is doing. I’ll let him know that February’s WOC’10 will be a chance to hang out…and…could you shoot me an e-mail with your band’s website so I can have him see what you are up to?

Chat with you again soon!
SEPTEMBER 10th -> Australia!!!


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Because I can
07/16/2009 08:52 p.m.
So I had to see a new specialist today who reviewed my "her-story" of why I was about to undergo a new series of action-traction controlled spinal manipulation (<-notice I kept that one masculine)... and he asked why I had decided to be a firefighter & paramedic and what was it like to be shot at (Chicago gangs do not like any interference with their population control methods)... and my response was typical. "Because I could. Because I live in a country where I can. So I did." End of story. ~N

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Blatant Lies
02/28/2009 04:28 a.m.
So I have someone who has been reading my e-mails.
Work e-mails because he has the control of the whole computer aspect.
Here's the really disgusting thing. Like the beast that rises out of the sea of mankind...
He than makes up conversations with other people - those work contacts who I actually have and do e-mail - and tells me about his conversations with these other people on the topic of me.
Interesting, huh?
I've in turn, had conversations with these third party persons and asked about my boss's conversations... confirming that they never happened.
So which is worse. Making up conversations and portraying relationships with other people to be more than what they really are ... OR... Going the next step and confirming with these third parties that the supposed conversations never occurred?

Isn't the work day busy enough? Isn't life weird enough in its own way? I guess its just that as of tonight... I had another colleague confirm that a conversation never actually happened... so what does one do? This is very passive-aggressive to write about it, wouldn't you say? On the other hand, its very narcissistic on my boss's side to try and make it seem like he has a greater position with the companies we work with than he actually does. Insecurity to that depth is really a reason to pity a person for their disgusting behavior rather than respect them; and the owner of the company pointed out that he would like some detail as to why I don't respect my boss. Well. Where do I begin...
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Old Home page
07/30/2006 10:30 p.m.
From a questionnaire to find out what my personality cocktail was:

I like to give options. Pick your poison

How to make a Savior of Butterflies


1 part success

3 parts courage

3 parts instinct


Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Add emotion to taste! Do not overindulge!

How to make a SandalSiren


3 parts intelligence

1 part arrogance

3 parts leadership


Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Top off with a sprinkle of curiosity and enjoy!
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What do I miss?
02/08/2006 05:26 a.m.
What do I miss?
Morning runs through Lincoln Park...
Spending the weekend at my mom&dad's doing nothing more than being me...

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Currently in Chicago
11/04/2005 04:51 a.m.
CURRENTLY IN CHICAGO: ... its wonderful! I'm refreshed! I'm home and I love the air! Find me, please! Listening to NineInchNails... does it get any more powerful? The pull to want to be around someone who you need? Find me, please! ~N
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Thank you Adam
09/30/2005 07:14 p.m.
So I would just like to thank Adam Levine for his writing. His music. His band.

Thank you for knowing you were meant to be a musician and letting the world know...

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Old Introduction
09/29/2005 11:22 p.m.
OLD INTRODUCTION: (This was my old intro to pathetic's home page... I like it enough because of the comments and want to keep it as a reminder) I moved to California in March of 2003 because I thought I would die if I had to live through another winter in Chicago ... Now, I don't know if I can survive another summer away from that area ... Alas, I am 'pathetic'; but I do enjoy the drama ;o) Feel free to read what little bit of poetry I have posted and share your comments. I keep thinking I will post it all... but... YIKES!!!... I think I would be more comfortable standing naked at the converge of State&Rush Streets on a Saturday night in July (on the outside of Bistro Zinc) ~ for those of you who share your writing, thoughts and perspectives ~ thank you... it gives the world depth and color as I see myself and my views of the world broadened; but again I feel under-dressed and I come to visit any way... ABOUT THE PHOTO: I am holding my nephew, Darius. I heard him breathe out his first breath of oxygen he took in and he was in my arms 45 minutes into his arrival to this world. He is AMAZING!!! He is "the reason" (give to it any meaning that is generous). All children are "The Reason"~they give hope, beauty, purpose and meaning... He gives me all these things and so much joy!... and yes, I do believe in love at first-sight!...
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Thank you!
10/23/2004 01:38 a.m.
I meant it when I said
thank you for finding me...

~N ... still in California...
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