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With a community as large as pathetic.org, it's easy to get lost in the works of the many members. We have formed circles within the circle, grouped by interest or writing style. Circles enjoy private forums, collaboration tools, and membership tools. Patrons with ideas for new circles are invited to email a title and description to Gavin at gmr at pathetic dot org.

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Christian Poets - 43 Member(s) - Created on 03/02/2003
Christian Poets is a pathetic.org Poetry Group created by Gavin M. Roy as a refuge from what can be considered some of the more secular topics on pathetic.org. With a focus on Christ and their walk with God, the Christian Poets group is a circle of poets whos works will often try to focus on Him. Our group is open to all denominations of Christians, and has open arms to all those who are seeking the truth.

College Poet Community - 61 Member(s) - Created on 03/14/2003

A place for current college students and college bound students to get together to share their college experiences with poetry or just have a good place to stop by and hang out. If you want to chat about a challenge you faced during school such as that late night term paper topic you just couldn't think of, this is a great place for you. Come on! What are you waiting for...;)

Sessions of Sweet Silent Thought - 25 Member(s) - Created on 12/02/2003

Shakespeare... Petrarch... and you! Welcome to the sonnet circle, a group for all lovers of sonnets, whether you prefer the traditional forms or your own personal take. Join us to write, learn about, discuss, explore, and celebrate the sonnet!

The Bell Jar - 80 Member(s) - Created on 03/17/2003

This community is comprised of poets who have been touched by mental health issues directly, as well as through family and friends. The goal of the community is to embrace the creative energies, and to end the stigmas that are associated with the various mental health disorders. We will also offer resource information for anyone wanting to learn more about mental health issues.

The New Beat Movement - 24 Member(s) - Created on 03/30/2003

A circle set up to revive the ways of the Beat Generation. Do you have an open mind and a free spirit? If so The New Beat Movement is for you.

The Rainbow Connection - 44 Member(s) - Created on 03/30/2003

Welcome to the Rainbow Connection. This is a gay poetry circle but like the title says, its a rainbow. Like the many colors of this world, we all coexist in love and understanding. This is a place for all who want to live, love and write in their own way. Love and poetry is a place for everyone. Lets all live in peace.

The Tadpole Society - 60 Member(s) - Created on 12/01/2003

moments in our lives
haiku, senryu, tanka
jump into our pond

Think that haiku is just a short poem with 3 lines of 5/7/5 syllables originating in Japan? Join this circle to learn the intricate meaning of haiku, senryu, and tanka in the English language today, and to explore and write ever more perceptively in these magical forms.

Words at Play - 46 Member(s) - Created on 03/02/2003

Come here to play with words ... watch them twist and turn and dance and sing. Learn different forms, such as abecedarians, acrostics, anagrams, concrete, limericks, palindromes, and more! And whet the wit that makes these forms work.


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