State of mind

by Adrian Foster

So much time I have given
Yet so much time I will still give
The answers I am seeking
Will they give me a reason to live

My love for you grows stronger
And day after day I pray
Stay with me a little longer
Will you not go astray

You feed my hunger for wholeness
And quench my thirst for love
You are the one I've wanted
The "blessing from above"

Please stay with me forever
Please do not leave my side
I need you to hold onto
You're everything I pride

You're everything I've dreamed of
You're my every want and desire
Your happiness is what matters
Please allow me to take you higher

There is so much in between us
So much that we have shared
We know each other very well
For the simple fact, we care

That day grows nearer and nearer
And I know I must let go
Every day you grow dearer and dearer
My sorrow I cannot show

It kills me inside, this is real
I cannot change this event
But I'd hope that you'd still call
Be it to laugh or just to vent

Please know that you are loved very much
And love of every kind
You are the center of my thoughts
You're always on my mind

But, it is overwhelming
The events that have come between
You know they came as natural
We were amiable of those "scenes"

And I know I've said this often
And every time it's true
You are the most beautiful woman ever
In my heart I hold only you

Please don't ever go away
You know that would bring a tear
But I promise you forever from this day
You are always welcome here

I miss you


Author's Note: ....A man isn't going to leave what he knows he won't find again. But,,you chose to sacrifice our love to be with other men.... Whenever you miss me,,,just remember you had me and I wasn't enough. :-/

Posted on 09/01/2021
Copyright © 2024 Adrian Foster

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