at peace

by Adrian Foster

being with you was hard

being without you is sometimes harder

but the more I keep my mindset

my strength goes that much farther

I notice your attempts to communicate

your boy's attempts alike

calling my phone and speaking their pranks

for the harassment and slander

I give you thanks

I'm not playing any games

there's no need to converse

you tell nothing but lies

each that follows is worse

your sissy husband has found you again

trying to make all look well

but the sad reality is

he's just putting himself through hell

and changing my mind?

that's going to be a hard effort

to sell


Author's Note: For Lisa me,,you and Brian aren't fooling anyone in this town. That fuck that I was getting was certainly not worth the fucking that I got. You said to me,, "I fucked up my marriage getting involved with you!" You fucked up your marriage getting involved with the guy you were fuckin' before me! You know, the one from dunkin donuts in forty fort. The same guy you were eye-fucking with when we were having coffee the one day. The same guy you ran back to, the first time I stopped you and I from happening. And then, when we finally did get together, you told me that "you and he didn't have anything like you and I had". Everybody is aware of this particular individual also. I made sure that it was known that I was NOT the first one,,and most certainly not the last. In hindsight, what a joke. You'll never change. You're doing the same slutty shit til this day. Your patterns are still the same. Leaving the house after you scoff down supper and get lost for a few hours. Getting lost for another few hours after, or before, working at your mother's place on a saturday. Or "shopping" on sundays, spending your husband's money. Looking over at me and smiling and raising your eyebrows as you walk with your husband and the dog. You used to do that shit in church too! Please....smh. You say that there was nobody else but me but, from your track record, I'm finding that a little hard to believe. Especially the one day we met at one of our rendezvous points and your scent was all over your neck and dress. I said nothing, though, to avoid argument. Something you were so fond of. Or the day I wasn't answering your numerous calls/texts, because I was pissed at you for your actions, and you showed up anyway and walked right in the back door which I forgot to lock. Wearing your infamous black dress and so upset because you were so horny and had nobody, but me, to take it out on. I asked you to leave because I wanted to be alone and think about things. You wouldn't have any of it and proceeded to hit your knees, unzip my pants, and go at it. I stopped you and you became even more frustrated. Pouting and horny, you stormed into my bedroom while saying "I'm not going anywhere until you come sit on this bed and we talk about this stuff!". I knew what you wanted and told you "No" but you adamantly replied, "Well I'm not leaving until you do!". I reluctantly walked in there, instead of enjoying the beer I was having, and what do I see but you sitting on my bed spread eagle with your fingers deep inside of yourself, mouth open wide, and your tongue hanging out at me. You moaned at me so I said "you want to talk to me? Fine". I went back in the kitchen, slammed that beer, came back to the bedroom and made you bite that pillow like you never did before. Then, surprise, you weren't upset anymore. Funny how much clearer things are once the nonsense is out of the way. I still doubt you've changed at all either, after all this time. Still out "shopping" for a few hours on a Sunday, or whatever day, and go back stating that your hair got wet so that's why it's a mess. When, actually, it's because of you being tossed around like a rag doll in bed. Or how many times you used to accuse me of sleeping with my co-worker, Nicole, from the casino. I was ALWAYS true to you. Nobody could hold a candle to you. And I made sure they knew that. But, you insisted. Now you, on the other hand, were most likely sleeping with somebody else and feeling guilty about it so you figured you'd just accuse me of doing what you actually were. Classic projection of guilt. Nothing you post on social media about "people who lie" or "who have small circles" matters. The only liar there is, and always was, is you. The truth is all right here in black and white. Your best friend will even vouch for that. If she's still your best And, yes, there are others in this town who know about this site and who I am,,and what I write. Being that it's a small town, I can only imagine how far the word had spread. Regardless, you're a fucking two-faced snake. That's putting it nicely. And no matter what you do or say to try and cover that up, it will ALWAYS be evident. I have one word for ya,,Karma. You think people trust you...LMAO. Trust ME, they don't. Once a liar, ALWAYS a liar. When you can go as far as telling people your best friend's secrets, you've drawn the line on trust. Lynn will never trust you again. She'll be your friend but she'll NEVER trust you ever again. SMH,,,ignorance and arrogance at it's finest. Yea,,you're "extra" alright. Extra trashy..... A couple of songs come to mind, "You're a Fucking Bitch Hope You Know That Shit!" by Atlus,, and "Every Lie" by My Darkest Days.

Posted on 06/12/2017
Copyright © 2024 Adrian Foster

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