~right in front of me~

by Adrian Foster

finding that new connection

finding that someone new

is all it takes

to start a new path

to rebuild a new you

those newfound feelings

come rushing in

the eventual meeting

the touch of her skin

a friendship that blossomed

a mindset that paired

hardships that we'd been through

heartbreaks we shared

shoulders were leaned on

old wounds made good

now living life

with a smile

the way good people should

but you drop off

in contact

won't hear from you

for days

guess there were things

i didn't know about you

maybe things

you didn't want me to

it's been two days now

surely I'm not into this

should've seen the sign

first date ended with a hug

but started with the rose

i gave to you

...and your kiss

but we've gone out again

and there is certainly

no doubt

that the comfort we bring

to each other

is something we'd rather not

do without

that long awaited moment

that feeling of bliss

the unexpected moment

of that deep second date kiss

that emotion of bewilderment

flustered in embrace

hands running over

our body structures

the outline or your face

we've let down our guards

invited each other

into our worlds

experienced carnal pleasures

beyond comprehension

beyond threshold's end

but, regardless of time spent

we remain just friends

your walls are too high

we cannot see eye to eye


Author's Note: ....for you, ~Sherry~, although you'll never see were an improvement from my previous situation but too emotionally damaged from whatever you had been through in your past. Therefore, your track record for your relationships not lasting. You put on a good show about how much you care for your late mother,, although you treated her like crap for years up until she passed away because you held her responsible for your father leaving. There was alot I had already knew about you but didn't let that get in the way of "us". Still, you'll never be happy because you'll always have that imaginary mental note that there's not one guy who holds an honest heart for you. And, you just end up treating them like dirt. Try and hold on to that beauty of yours because, like alot of things, it will fade. Update...Saw you again,, after the stay at home order was lifted. All 300lbs of you. Holy shit! Smiling at me, when I turned my head, like I gave a My eyes widened in shock and I looked away. Karma in effect. Don't know why I didn't input that sooner but oh

Posted on 08/18/2016
Copyright © 2024 Adrian Foster

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