by Adrian Foster

what used to fill

these small town streets

has become a memory

somewhat a feeling of defeat

no glimpse of you anywhere

though I do not seek

just go about my daily

and challenges brought each week

although the husband

on his "high horse"

for what reason

I can only imagine

judging from his demeanor

it's yourself

you've given back to him

the sissy(hubby)and the boys play

the staring game

as if it matters to me

childish acts of what

they think is "tough"

their insecurities


setting my mind free

but it humors me to see

sissy thinks he has

the upper hand

walking around with you

and the dog

acting like he's earned the title

of a man

and I think he's confused

not able to tell

that the fa├žade he's living

is not going to end well

smiling at me

like he has the better of you

he would stand beside himself

if he knew half the things

you and I used to do

pleasure in public places

pleasures in places, on you

he's NEVER had

it's a wonder we were never caught

we would behave so bad

in Dunkin Donuts parking lot

at The Bon Ton

at the dike

behind the State Police training barracks

while people walked by

or rode their bikes

let's not forget the best one

still clear in my head

pleasure in your husband's house

in the kitchen

on the couch

in your oldest son's bed

but probably the most intense times

were here at my place

you screaming in ecstasy

at the top of your lungs

that sexy smile

always on your face

had to tell your kids

you weren't here one day

as you lay naked in my bed

to save you from disgrace

but enough of that

i can go on forever

about our intimacy

something you selectively

choose to remember

although you remember it clearly

just another vice to use

when you choose

to stick a pin in me

then there's this thing

with your husband's jealousy

because you don't sleep with him

and he's not getting any

while he knows I've gotten

more than plenty from you

more than enough

to satisfy an army

or two

knowing him the way I do

he'll say he's not jealous

but i can see it in his eyes

he can not do anything

to break the ties

between us

hell i'll bet he hasn't a clue

we were intimate every day

after our day in front of justice

if he did

you'd probably have a new address

but it has been done

not by or for him

this game is over

and it was only

a one-sided win

..not yours


Author's Note: Brian and your oldest, Nick. Still playing the staring game when neither of them have the balls to do anything but stare. Certainly they're "writing checks that their asses can't cash". Regardless, no matter how much they try to instigate a "problem" with me,, I'm smarter than that. I'm certainly not the same person I was back then but Brian isn't smart enough to realize that,,and Nick didn't fall far from the Brian, whining to me that he's going to get a PFA on me for walking past the front of the house. Saying that I'm harassing him... LMAO! He's dumber than he looks. Wonder when he's going to realize that you're just using him to get by in life. Because, otherwise, you said you'd have absolutely no idea what to do by yourself. But, I guess he's using you just as well. Enjoy that couch you sleep on. If Brian knew what you did that same night of our day "in front of justice", you'd definitely be living at your mother's house. If he knew what you gave me for my valentines day gift, in my truck at the dike, his head would probably explode. That wasn't far off from that day either. Oh yea, and the only reason we had that day "in front of justice" was because Brian told you that he was going to kick you out of the house if you didn't do what he wanted. You told me that to my face. You said that there was no way you were going to live with your mother and your druggy brother Michael. I'm sure your boys have put two and two together already, or maybe your daughter told them, that there was a reason that your van was always parked close to my house whenever they went looking for you. I eventually fixed that by hiding your van behind my house. I'll bet they're proud to call you mom. :-/

Posted on 07/09/2016
Copyright © 2023 Adrian Foster

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