hitting home

by Adrian Foster

for I don't know how long now

I've been going to bed

and waking

with you on my mind

not being able to sleep

or you being the reason I wake

all this/that time

eating away at what was

my heart

after you repeatedly tore it

from my chest

to toy with and do with

what you pleased

and I let you

I played myself as well at times

making myself believe

that there were "tell tale" signs

that you still loved me

part of your plan,,maybe

to dig myself a hole

comparable to the first one

you dug for me a year ago

but, I guess time does it's work

and, I guess, i'm somehow healing

not as fast as you of course

...since you're heartless

and I've gained control of my life

although memories pass by now and again

but not nearly how they used to

i'm a happier person now

your memory still lives

but i'm happy

i'm doing me

and being me

although you'll always try

and screw that up on me

for your own amusement

like today for example

anyway, i'm going to bed now

and you will not be the last thought

on my mind

nor a thought when i wake


Author's Note: To ~L~......I just wanted to see the dog, that's all. you know I miss mine. I didn't need, nor want, the rolling eyes and the drama show you put on for the world to see. but I guess your husband/landlord is setting more ground rules for you to I'm glad I'm at this point in my life. Now go lie to your/our neighbors about me. ...if they only knew. if everyone you've lied to, about me, only knew. But, I guess, that's what you do when you need to save face, make new friends, and gain popularity. You're so superficial...

Posted on 06/03/2016
Copyright © 2020 Adrian Foster

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