"another day"

by Adrian Foster

i loved you more than you'll ever know

more than your husband ever did

or would care to show

it bleeds my heart

to see your face

everyday wishing

i was in a different place

what i cannot change

i must accept

while these screwed up feelings

in my heart

are somehow kept

but you'll play the game

it's what you've learned

to do best

you play it well

put me through hell

not a care in your eyes

or so you'd like me to believe

more beauty in these star-lit skies

than your sentiments

could ever achieve

you'll speak so rudely

with certain friends around

then act like you miss me

maybe even kiss me

if we're not in town

and you'll do that often

to make yourself look good

having a younger man's attention

the way you think you should

it's not right what you do

use me for "notice"

playing on my emotions

like an expendable service

but I take blame for part

i cannot resist

memories constantly rushing

when you're in my midst

it's hard to control

this you couldn't comprehend

if it was that easy

my will i would surely bend

but i'm tired of repetition

games that you play

my mind has become weathered

your "attention" put away

and i know that you know this

i'm not the same

i'll take partial credit

you're solely to blame

in due time

and through your actions

you'll be just another name


Posted on 05/23/2016
Copyright © 2024 Adrian Foster

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