"In Your Mind"

by Adrian Foster

You think that you know me

You make me think that you care

Your mascara eyes fall astray

You look at me as if I'm not there

The woman I met

So quick to subdue

Now cloaked in perfume

Is that really you

I enlighten you about your "asshole husband"'s thoughts

And now you do whatever you want to do

However that may not be true

You were already seeing someone

Before I even started talking to you

Someone whom, by the look in your eyes

You may have just as quickly subdued to

But you'll say you've always been that way

Mind you, you haven't

You were confined and constricted

Confused and conflicted

Until you and I met

Showed you a world of pleasure

And of Love

That you think of often

One that you'll never forget

Took advantage of it you did

Made it an irrefusable concoction

Without a lid

For ALL to see

Mainly you

Not me

Because you kept me hidden

As if there was no "WE"

And that bitch would coach you

Day by day

On what to do and what to say

Be it hurt my feelings

Or what it may

Still despise her for that

Til this very day

But what would she care

"She has it made"

"She thinks she's perfect"

"God's gift to men"

Or so YOU say

And as fucked up as it is

You and I still speak

And you think it's because

It's your attention I seek

You keep yourself hidden

Then try and make me aware

Why play that game

There is no time between us

To spare

But there's a twist

I know I say

I'm letting go of you

But my heart won't dare

Allow me to

My love for you

Is unbearably strong

What I still want for you

Could never be wrong

I made the mistake of control

And I know I was wrong

Trying to "make"

The perfect woman

And the perfect song

Tears fall from these eyes

Knowing I was not right

Now wishing upon any star

That you were somewhere in sight

As wrong as I was

As you think I am

I hold hope

That the couple we were

Can be forever again


Author's Note: ...hope is lost,,,gone. Correction...there was never any hope for I was just a pawn in your game of lies, deceit, and promiscuity. A game you play til this day. But, you'll forever deny it... That's fucked up...and a sure sign of a, what was it you said that one day when you started one of many arguments with me at your husband's house? Then told your husband that it was me causing them. Oh yea, a dirty girl. So many of your lies have caught up with you. You don't even know. And, don't worry, no tears falling from these eyes....

Posted on 10/15/2015
Copyright © 2024 Adrian Foster

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