just thoughts

by Adrian Foster

There was a time when the both of us cared

Held nothing from each other

Everything was shared

But look at us now and look at the grief

I'd think you'd want to change

Turn over this newfound leaf

But I see you enjoy the outlook you have

Satisfied look on your face

Something or someone is filling that space

Dare it be you to tell me the truth

Just tell me what's friendly

Something to soothe

But there is nothing like the feeling

Of knowing I'm right

When all sense of your honesty

Has been left in hindsight

And as I walk these streets

Thinking time will somehow heal

I realize I'm hurting myself

For something that was surreal

It's hard to put a label

On a relationship

That was not true

All this time you had your cake

And you damn well ate it too

Lying to me

Knowing all that I've been through

But through it all


And days go by

I may see your face

A feeling of joy surrounds me

Other days

When you leave my space

I feel as if I'm free

You don't know what

You've done to me

With all those lies

You have told

This overbearing heart

Of mine

Is gradually getting cold

But as I put down these words

Which I pray are getting through

Please know that

There will always be a place

In my heart

For you...


Author's Note: You,,, do not respect me, you never did...especially in front of Lynn. Something I know will never change. Although, she is and always has been nice to me. Now her son, Mike Jr, is a total joke. He stands on the front porch smiling at me with that tobacco dick in his mouth like he's got a set. He'll never amount to anything. Just like Mike Sr.. A real tough guy pushing his wife around the way he does, at least that's what you told me, making her deathly afraid of him. She told me that part. And they, Jr and Sr, are both pussies. What kind of guy locks his wife out of the bedroom because she doesn't feel like having sex one time? I really feel sorry for her. Anywho,, Treating someone good and speaking to them nice are not the same as respecting them. But you have your mentor,,your best friend, and your screwed up selfish/slutty motives. It's always just about you. What you can get, what you have, how you can benefit, how you look, how you look with someone, how you can get another man or young adult to sleep with you. You, you, you. What's the number up to now, Lisa? You don't even take care of your dog anymore...smh. We were such a good fit together, and probably still are,,but you cared more about the attention you could get from every other guy than the love and attention you were receiving from the one who actually loved you and cared about you,,me. Problem was,, I felt with my heart what I wanted with you. You felt with your greedy dollar-sign eyes, evil mind, and untendered crotch what you wanted with me. You ARE selfish and that is 100% the truth. Karma is taking it's time with you. That's a good thing. You know, I wouldn't even be surprised if I wasn't the only one in this town you got your hands on,,legs wrapped around.

Posted on 09/26/2015
Copyright © 2024 Adrian Foster

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