by Adrian Foster

Why does it always have to be

About You

The words that you say

The things that you do

Unlimited finds

To what's Real

And what's untrue

I press on and I wait

For something good

To become

Can it be

It's too late

For Us

To make a happy home

Lies have been told

And truths have been stretched

Your heart

Has turned Cold

In your eyes

It has been etched

Though I love you

My dear

These days have grown


Tis upon

The third Year

Your Promise

Has not been sold

Blame to us both

But you lean

Towards ME

With blame

And with hate


It will always be

I can't change

The past

Although I wish

That I could

You and I

Have burned

And crashed

Not much left

Is good

Still I try

And I Pray

That this will change

By God's Hand

And Will

These last few months

Cannot remain

The same

For it is MY heart

You shall kill


Author's Note: ....You will never see a greater heart turn cold, than an honest man who believed in you...before your lies began to unfold.

Posted on 09/29/2014
Copyright © 2023 Adrian Foster

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Philip F De Pinto on 09/30/14 at 12:41 PM

despite loves never ending travails, this is a beautiful ode.

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