Machine Gun - 200-Round Belt Remix

by Jersey D Gibson

Violence a solution, war more than a threat,
the bleating noises coming from your mouth not a safe bet.
Guerrillas surround me, armed with missiles,
Child soldiers follow me, killing with pistols.

Are you looking for the truth or another fight?
Are you looking for the lie or another bite?

Enemies surround, with a ten-star general at the head,
victory confounds, victims we are at the end.
We're going to war, let the cannon fodder do its part,
Push the red button, and World War 3 we will start.

I can end your dreams with the squeeze of my finger.
I can end your life with the pull of the trigger.

We clash and we flay
like a thousand years ago.
Over the same damn reasons
aren't they getting old?
You talk so tough
from beneath your bunker.
The rest of us
under mushroom clouds we hunker.

A newsreel spot light, front-row seats on a laser-guided rocket,
connects with an airplane, no murder charge on the world's court docket.
Corporations rush in, waiting to make for the dollar $ign$,
the world shall burn, just stand and wait in line.

Your citizen's protest was declared insane.
Your reasonability was flushed down the drain.

Exploiting national resources, and made it propaganda,
celebrated freedom while invading Canada.
Economy's on the rise, as we turn razor blades into bomb shells,
Welcome in Dr. Strangelove, as we straddle Fat Man on our way down to hell.

Another corporate-sponsored tyrant sits in the driver's seat.
Another war bill passed in Congress, not much of a feat.

Operation: Final Solution
with Ryan Seacrest at the front.
Goodbye democracy
Special Ops teams on the hunt.
The whole world's a battleground
nowhere safe left to play.
Someone slept on the doomsday button
and blew the whole planet away.


Author's Note: I know the title contains 'remix', but there is no original poem called 'Machine Gun'. I did it to see if you judge books by their covers. Gotcha.

Posted on 07/27/2014
Copyright © 2024 Jersey D Gibson

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