If There Was

by Nicole D Gregory

I sat and watched them for
a while
Usually I’m down in the city’s Loop or
my Gold Coast neighborhood at a coffee shop
or café

Today was just from the chair
in my bedroom
looking out over the entrance way
Sometimes 4 or 5 of them
all chattering and gossipy
Little old ladies
expounding on half-truths
neighborhood drama
and what has been going on this season

I really didn’t mind listening to it all

A little while later
there was another group
5 or 6 very stoic, quiet-type
I was reminded of the old men
sitting around a porch in rocking chairs
and rattan 4-legged high-back chairs
with their shoulders slumped forward
sipping soda out of glass bottles
in the middle of a hot-humid day
in southern Georgia

Not really saying much

Just spending the time remembering the ‘good old days’
playing collegiate football
starting life after the war
how things have changed over the years
Every-so-often a chuckle or a sigh

Then they would retire for the night
somewhere amidst the Virginia Creeper
running up the bricks

I hated to disturb them when I had to
do the evening watering

Never mind though
They all just sat patiently on the rooftop
Chattering old ladies indignant that they
were interrupted
Kindly old men sitting by making sure
my work was done right

Old age must have won the battle today
as a body lay among the roses and daisies

Quickly made funeral arrangement
emptied tissue box
some fresh lavender
and a place under the backyard deck
a few tears
I hummed a song by Maroon5
that was inspired by Frank Sinatra
while it played on my iPod

If there was a reason for living
what was his
If there was a song to sing
what was mine
If there was a God
did he care



Author's Note: Been thinking about you throughout the day Rain King; and I really do hope you find happiness. Jon-Jacob, I have always been happy to be noted as your friend. ~N

Posted on 08/06/2009
Copyright © 2020 Nicole D Gregory

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Joe Cramer on 08/06/09 at 02:05 AM

... this is excellent N, such wonderful imagery.... my vote for POTD!!!

Posted by Allison Smith on 08/06/09 at 03:26 PM

I agree with Joe. Excellent and my vote for POTD too.

Posted by Clara Mae Gregory on 08/06/09 at 04:34 PM

wOW, Nicole. This is excellent as well as thought provoking. I would love to see this make POTD.

Posted by Morgan D Hafele on 08/08/09 at 08:16 PM

wow. i really like this piece. it flows very nicely and rolls off of the tongue when spoken out loud. and the ending is wonderful. i wonder if there really are answers...

Posted by Leah Laiben on 08/14/09 at 02:05 PM

*gasp* So very nice. Sad and sweet and beautifully captured (and mastered!).

Posted by Michael Smith on 01/21/10 at 02:27 AM

You do mature themes great justice, Nicole D Gregory.

Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 02/07/10 at 05:06 PM

Congrats on POTD! I enjoyed this very much.

Posted by Therese Elaine on 02/07/10 at 05:22 PM

Ducks, congrats on POTD -this is a gorgeous piece and I'm glad it's up here because I missed it the first time around (and yeah it's weird to see "Gold Coast" and "Loop" since obviously I know those places!)

Posted by Joe Cramer on 02/08/10 at 01:05 AM

... congrats on POTD!!!

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