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Day 19

by Chris Sorrenti

The amount of negative energy
coming out of the downtown core
Is sickening
including up on Parliament Hill

And now the Ottawa police chief has resigned
not wanting to be the fall guy
though in some minds
already is
after repeated requests
for more bodies to do the job
while the provincial and federal governments
dance around the issue
as grotesque caricatures of themselves
where’s Spitting Image?
when we need them

A city and its citizens held hostage
with no end in sight
by a small but determined group
entrenched in their occupation
and comfortable
in the indecision of the majority
not for long

What good is there Justin
invoking the Emergencies Act?
when you’re not prepared to provide the soldiers
to do inevitably
what will have to be done
let's hope the OPP and RCMP
have things well in hand
with their own battle plan

February 15, 2022

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Author's Note: In response to Ernest’s comments, although admittedly not one of my strongest pieces, it is part of my own personal journey in dealing with what’s going on. I see the meanness of his feedback as a reflection of the madness of the anti-vax movement, and polarization in this issue. In closing, the perfect complement to my poem.

Posted on 02/15/2022
Copyright © 2024 Chris Sorrenti

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Ernest A Miller on 02/15/22 at 09:34 PM

The ghetto dwellers extolling their prison masters to teach those others prisoners that some prisoners are more equal than others. Orwell rolls in his grave at this piece of writing.

Posted by Ernest A Miller on 02/15/22 at 09:39 PM

In case you are wondering this is the writing of someone that wants only the vaxxed to have liberty and wants to cage the rest of humanity. I am just flabbergasted at this slaver.

Posted by Ernest A Miller on 02/17/22 at 09:04 PM

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgO_6ZR8JDA Fauci and others Planned for a "Universal Flu Vaccine" in 2019 that Became the "COVID" Vaccine (Full Summit) This Panel Discussion Focused What They Perceived as The Need for A Universal Flu Vaccine, They Admitted That the Old Way Producing Vaccines Was Not Sufficient for Their Purposes, And They Needed Some Kind of Global Event Where Many People Were Dying to Be Able to Roll Out New mRNA Vaccine to Be Tested on The Public. They All Agreed the Annual Flu Virus Was Not Scary Enough to Create an Event That Would Convince People to Get a Universal Vaccine. Fauci et d'autres ont prévu un "vaccin universel contre la grippe" en Octobre 2019 qui est devenu le vaccin "COVID". Cette discussion de groupe s'est concentrée sur ce qu'ils percevaient comme la nécessité d'un vaccin universel contre la grippe, ils ont admis que l'ancienne méthode de production de vaccins n'était pas suffisante pour leurs objectifs, et ils avaient besoin d'une sorte d'événement mondial où de nombreuses personnes mouraient pour pouvoir déployer leur Nouveau vaccin à ARNm à tester sur le public. Ils ont tous convenu que le virus annuel de la grippe n'était pas assez effrayant pour créer un événement qui convaincrait les gens de se procurer un vaccin universel. www.denisrancourt.ca Go out there and put on your black uniform and crush us "anti-vaxers," right Chris? I am a micro-biologist who happens to notice (((the))) foreskin eaters in charge made it illegal to prescribe anti-biotics and then labelled all those they jammed into care homes or intubated as "covid" deaths while they died of pneumonia as their tribe members in the media happily reported whatever their masters paying them told them to "report" on their programming. Enjoy your two minutes of hate against Emmanuel Goldstein as he attempts to highlight that Big Brother is using and abusing you for financial windfall as they attempt to usher in their Technocratic and Eugenic hellscape across the planet. All so people do not research the Jeffry Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell case or who was caught dancing on 9-11-01AD by the FBI too closely. Have a nice day and also, a vaccine takes over ten years to develop and test. What you injected yourself with is an uncompensated experiment made by Donald Trump's executive order.

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