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The Letter

by Angela Nuzzo

To whom it may concern,

I am alone now.
There's no one to hold my hand.
Don't feel sorry for me.
It's how I choose to make my stand.
I watch couples go by,
walking arm-in-arm.
And I don't understand how they do it
without causing each other harm.
Do they have some kind of protection
that prevents them from feeling pain?
Can they build up defenses
when their lover's feelings begin to wane?
The excitement of new love
seems to make them brash and wild.
They act instictively,
as though they were beguiled.
There is no thought behind
the pleasures they are seeking.
And 'tis too late, then, to avoid
the havoc love is wreaking.
They get all dreamy-eyed
and cuddle when no one's seeing.
They lose their selves and opinions
and always end up by agreeing.
Their fate is sealed when they are joined
in what no man can put asunder.
Til death they're linked, with no true guide
for survivng the lightning and the thunder.
Maybe it's just me
and my contorted point of view,
but I think they choose unwisely
because their time is finite and years are few.
They want to waste not one pure second
of this life they've been given to lead.
So they're quick to grasp at the being
they believe will fulfill them in their hour of greed.
Oh, if only they knew now what I know.
If only they had the advantage of all my years.
It would save so much anger and hatred.
It would save so many heartaches and tears.
I have lived a hundred lives over
and each life has taught me the same:
The quicker you choose, the quicker you lose,
'cause the steadfast heart always wins at the game.
So, in my old age, as I watch couples go by,
walking past me, arm-in-arm,
I'll weep a little for what they don't understand
and hope their loving doesn't cause too much harm.
I am alone now, in this life,
with no one yet to hold my hand.
But please don't ever feel sorry for me.
It's how I choose to make my stand.


Author's Note: I wrote this years ago for a Dark Poetry site. It's from a vampire's point of view, but my feelings on how the world treats marriage are mixed in too. ;)

Posted on 01/11/2007
Copyright © 2023 Angela Nuzzo

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Ymelda Ramirez on 08/26/08 at 05:59 AM

this is very descriptive and i love the wording. i loved this :)

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