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rendered the poet useless ii

by Brynn Dizack

i am counting quarters for laundry and thinking i will open my own mint and stamp silver coins with your face & your fingerprints & then they will be worth something to somebody else besides me / i want to skip alone down the street cobblestones bumpy shine in the rain & when nobody's looking i'm gonna blow your name out like dandelion seeds like soft cotton snowbirds floating away from me or wilting flowers detatching from stems / i want to crumble your name like rose petals brown and crinkly like old paper & i want the powder of us crushed to flutter down onto the dirty carpet / and then i don't want to vacuum / ever / you mean that much to me / i want the sun to shine in muscular and blinding i want the radio left on while i cry / i'm gonna drive as fast as i can so see if i can beat out missing you in a race because it comes so fast and furious like a suicide note you don't know what to do with & there i was banging on the door over and over until i couldn't hear the tub over my fists on wood & we sank down to the crack on either side whispering "i love you" & it was coming out from under the door on the steam / & when i opened that door i didn't know what i was in for / my whole body came apart like cereal left in milk too long / cringing hurts and takes too many muscles / sleep these days is like a ping-pong game with one paddle / chess with no oponent / i am restless my arms are thin and pale i am wicker bendy-squeak-clicking under your pressure when you sit////

here you are shining you are a tire swing i could hurt myself in / no seatbelt / we could go cross-country and live off of pringles and apple juice and if you smelled i would still love you / i want to rest here calmly thin like the film of oil in diry sink water so i can scatter from you when you drop in like dish soap / i want to make up the words so you ask me about my version / i want the darkness to come in thick like freshly baked bread and surround us / i want your name to be closer to me / i want you to understand why it's funny / i want frostingless cupcakes because i like them that way / i want to buy you spoons so you are never alone.

and and and


Posted on 05/29/2003
Copyright © 2017 Brynn Dizack

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Max Bouillet on 07/24/03 at 10:47 PM

Unique and powerful outcry of love. Awesome writing.

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