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Captain Backfire

Topic Induced Madness
Title Date Posted Date Created Ratings
Votes Creativity Form Imagery Overall
  Topic: As His Icy Hands Touched Me I Felt A Surge Of Warmth - Explicit 12/3/2003 12/03/2003 1 Outstanding Well-Framed Vivid Well Written
  Topic: Bootleg Greetings 02/26/2004 02/26/2004 1 Imaginative Well-Framed Descriptive Memorable
  Topic: Buried Deep Beneath The Socks 01/28/2004 01/27/2004 This Poem Is Currently Not Rated
  Topic: Fear No More {The Heat Of The Sun} 02/9/2004 02/09/2004 1 Outstanding Outstanding Flow Vivid Memorable
  Topic: I Was Through, When I Said, "I Love You." 02/4/2004 02/04/2004 1 Brilliant Outstanding Flow Vivid Memorable
  Topic: Lepers Among Us 12/2/2003 12/02/2003 1 Outstanding Competent Descriptive Clever
  Topic: Relics Of An Abandoned Mind (Senryus) 04/3/2004 04/03/2004 1 Brilliant Well-Framed Descriptive Memorable
  Topic: The Tigers Eyes Are My Own 12/15/2003 12/15/2003 4 Outstanding Well-Framed Evocative Well Written
  Topic: Thoughts And Prayers From Behind White Walls 12/3/2003 12/03/2003 1 Original Clear Evocative Well Written
  Topic: Tree Sex 10/31/2003 10/30/2003 1 Brilliant Outstanding Flow Vivid Memorable
  Topic: Watching Stars Without You 01/13/2004 01/13/2004 1 Outstanding Well-Framed Evocative Well Written
  Topic: You Will Know Me (By The Trail Of The Dead) 12/4/2003 12/04/2003 1 Outstanding Well-Framed Descriptive Well Written
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