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08/24/2007 09:00 p.m.
I need to figure out how to de-stress myself.
The usual guiness and trashy novel didn't seem to help last night; there's just too much folding down on me right now. I don't have much interaction with people from this site anymore so perhaps noone will read this and it will be a note to self. perhaps stress relieving in the writing of it.

Kevin left for New York yesterday morning and it already feels like a week. He found a teaching job there, but it's only a year long leave replacement with no assurance of a teaching job after the year. I don't want to be separated from him for a year, so despite just landing a new job that pays more (not that much more) I'm moving up columbus weekend after i attend a wedding in which i'm part of the bridal party in columbus. We only have the one car which he drove up in, so my mother is taking me in and picking me up for the next 5 weeks, which is rather a nasty throwback to the days when I was not allowed to drive until I was 19 and when i went through the breakdown at college and just sat at home and was chaffeured around for a year getting some semblence of normalcy back. This makes me feel naive, like im shrinking back in my skin unable to bear up to responsibility, not a good feeling when I'm moving away from the only home I've known for 26 years.

My new job is awful and I would go back to my old one if I could, but alas it was a transfer within the same coorporation and they don't let you transfer for 6 months after a transfer. so i'm stuck until i move. They have been so unorganized with my training that I have had to learn by peering over shoulders and begging for help when lost (and I don't consider myself a slow learner, I never really have been).
I can't afford to put in my two weeks early and i need the skills they will teach me for when i move to new york so that i may have an easier time of finding a new job right away there.

I have a bad ear infection, god only knows why it had to arrive now during the most stressful time in my life. Ive been taking a strong antibiotic for 4 days and it has not been relieved at all yet. its only been somewhat bearable with an advil/sudafed concoction every 4 hours. Not only that but I had my first root canal this past week. and they messed it up so they referred me to another office to fix it and put in a temporary filling in the meantime. the filling came out the same day and i cant get in to be seen at the office until sept 10th.

such is the way it goes. Obstacle is everpresent and everchanging, i might as well get used to it.

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