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Go Ask Alice
05/06/2007 07:42 a.m.
“To fathom Hell or soar angelic, just take a pinch of psychedelic”
- Humphrey Osmond (1917-2004)

“Picture yourself” says it all as you’ll see
dropping a tab, taking a trip with an old friend LSD
removing the filters one by one to the subconscious mind
all at once you realize all your life you’ve been blind

The trip truly depends on set and setting when set free
as the mind slowly peels away this self that is me
you will dissociate from the things this world had once taught
seeing this new person is worth more than can be bought

The angels alight on your shoulders and softly speak
taking you higher as you look inside as you seek
there you find the truth all search for in their lives
one by one old beliefs start to fall as your true self arrives

Hell will come stalking if you are not ready for this ride
for if your mind is not right you’ll see death as your guide
it will not kill your body but your mind breaks and descends
into the depths of the unknown and for a few never ends

Run from the voice and a heavy price you shall pay
as your mind comes undone and the devil finds his prey
you search for the key to escape from this trap
but only time will release you from this fear unless you snap

This old friend has a message for those who dare to hear
listen with serenity and the real you will appear
the picture on the wall becomes a portal into space
an inner journey is taken looking in a mirror at your face

Relishing the trips taken so long ago
dancing with the angels my mind came to know
watching the sunrise my soul set aglow
changing forever meeting someone I now know

I am currently Content
I am listening to The quiet of early morn

Member Comments on this Entry
Posted by A. Paige White on 05/09/07 at 06:22 PM

Wow, Tony. I was always terrified of that stuff. I heard friends tell about their "bad trips" and I didn't want to chance it. Tell you what though, I went to a conference in Atlanta on St. Patrick's day this year and those weirdling Christians/prophets must have put something in the water or coffee cause I experienced what they call "drunk in the spirit" weirdest experience I've EVER had. Staggering around, the air seemed... can't even describe it. ah, like it had ripples you see when you drop a stone into a pool of still water. It was wild. I was stone cold sober. Awesome. I'll be heading over to Birmingham for their next one, if I possibly can. Kathie said she'd never seen so many angels packed in one place, course the whole topic was ministering with the angels. I truly believe it, they actually messed up the air with their presence.

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