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malfunction. malfunction, deviated septum.
12/13/2006 01:43 p.m.
i have the sum total usage of one nostril though i have two nostrils. this is because i have a really wicked deviated septum that makes things like, say, breathing quite the task. plus, i'm a smoker which i hear doesn't help.

my ears have been popping and clogged since saturday night at about 11pm when a truck stopped next to me at the light off the exit by the design district. (we were on our way to art basel and a club that we left less than an hour after paying $10 each to get in). according to the nurse, i don't have an ear infection. at least, not yet. i may be the only person you know who's gotten an ear infection in the twenties. as that's the case, i can never be too sure.

now, i'm stuck at work with some nasal decongestant that may cause drowsiness. it is barely 8:45 am and i have to stay until 6pm. (this is the part where i tell you that i envy the rich or unemployed. this is also the part where i tell you that i hate you for your full breathing capacity via your nasal canals.)

i ought to pay someone to break my nose.
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Posted by Paul Marino on 12/14/06 at 03:56 PM

WOULD line break your comment

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