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Outside Influences - Scott Lawrence - Tickle
09/23/2017 07:37 p.m.


Tickle the toes of your lover
Tickle her under the covers
Tickle her neck and her spine
Tickle her time after time
Without a second for her to recover

Tickle from her lips
Right through to her hips
But beware of her feet
As she kicks up a beat
Which is set by your tickling tips

Tickle her while she wiggles
Listen to her girlish giggles
Tickling this way
Makes wonderful play
And you love the way that she wriggles

Tickle her till she turns blue
She'll shiver and shimmy beneath you
Tickle her fancy
Make her turn antsy
But watch out!—cause she tickles too!

© 1998 Scott Lawrence

I don’t recall exactly where or when, but I came across this poem on the Internet, years ago. As it ‘tickled my fancy,’ I quickly downloaded it, but without noting the source; a practice I’ve since corrected. I’ve researched Scott Lawrence a couple of times, but came up with nothing, so it could have just been a one-off composed by a ‘closet/kitchen table’ poet. There is a man named Lawrence Scott, a Trinidadian award winning novelist, short story writer…and poet, but no mention of the above piece anywhere.

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