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The Fletcher Memorial Home?
06/05/2007 12:53 p.m.
Normally I hate to change anything once it is written. It feels almost like abandoning a mentally retarded child to a State run home to me. As if I should let "my child" exist as it came into this world, without special treatment to make it more "normal" BUT this time I had to do it. This was such a mess it screamed out at me for help! So I am saving this original creation here in my journal, just to prove to it that I am not ashamed of it and I would not have ever given it a face lift. If it had not begged for one it would still be the same.
(Why do I hear that Pink Floyd song in my head about the The Fletcher Memorial Home?)

Laws of Motion
by Maria Howard
that was when
I learned or I should say
how pain could stretch a minute
taffy like until it lasted much too long
sticky sweet stetching on and on
until it made your stomach hurt
and you wished it to stop

Interesting how emotion could alter time
how joy greedily could eat away at an hour so quickly
piranha like stripping it down to white bare bone
in a second

but sadness can dress that same 60 minutes
in a gown of black to dwell for days in shadow
crying for the light

oh yes
Einstein had nothing on emotion
Emotion would grab his E=MC2
stuff it directly up his butt
where it belonged
back into the psuedo-world of thinking unfeeling idiots
who understood NOTHING
and never would
the speed of what?
a heart on fire
a heart burned to ash
a heart so cold it can no longer feel
a heart no more

yeah whatever
how fast is that anyway?
Where are you when I need you Einstein?
What----if you can't balance it on your head to be shot off you don't know the answer?
Well then, neither do I

wondering to myself why did I taste this in the first place
If I never knew how sweet it was I would not long for more
and the alternative would not make me ill


Author's Note: "Gullermo Tell tiene los ojos tristes" And yep I know all about Newton....thanks.....it was Not well thought out at all just felt. "As Newton became engrossed in his studies, the romance cooled and Miss Storey married someone else. It is said he kept a warm memory of this love, but Newton had no other recorded "sweet-hearts" and never married." Smart guy......

Posted on 06/04/2007

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