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Taking tedium to its limits
05/06/2009 11:26 p.m.

OCD; it will pass eventually, I doubt.

Unrelated beta scenario:
Zee posts a poem, garners votes, appears on front page.
Why sees listing, appreciates poetry, comments generously & votes accordingly.
Post-observation, ex views comment, votes low; poem disappears.
Zee muses, "Yeah, thanks Why, yew hypocritical bitch".

Of course, this would never happen in [virtual] reality; no-one takes amateur poets/poetry that seriously, and I really should get over myself.

I am currently lifeless and unimaginative.

I am listening to This City Never Sleeps -- Eurythmics


The rating system has never influenced what I write, or prevented me writing what I will. I've long been aware of the inherent flaws, and the potential for it to be exploited in various ways; that people find it worthwhile or rewarding to manipulate it is a source of both amusement and bemusement for me
This is a temporary immersion in an aspect of the site that fascinates me, at least while I've nothing creative taking place in a literary context :>)


Thanks Clara -- I guess this series of restrained diatribes could be construed as a guide, or an alternative, if limited, FAQ to give neophytes an idea of stuff that may have ocurred when seemingly bizarre events transpire within the confines of their libraries and generally in the site listings.
As for conspiracy theorists addressing the conspiracy theories of others, I guess there are people who a) don't know; b) don't want to know; or c) don't need to know, that these hypothetical scenarios have been, and are still, played out sporadically across the site. I have no idea how many terminations have resulted from administrative interventions, but I imagine that the figure is relatively modest in comparison with the number of actual instances. As mentioned above, only those involving complaints to the staff are, to my lack of knowledge, investigated. My feeling is that it would be disastrous to introduce more vigorous 'surveillance' of member behaviour -- would we really wish to be deprived of such a rich source of entertainment?


Indeed -- does anyone know? I'm certainly not familiar with any 'Zee', 'Why' or 'Ex' on this site or any other. I guess that accounts for the hypothetical nature of the scenarios :>)


I clicked all three at once, because they always are...thank-you-02(362x302).jpg. It is what it is, and always will be :>)

Thank you all for your comments -- I am aware that they are merely elements of a thinly veiled plot designed to attenuate my tenuous grip on reality, but it is nice to be communing with someone other than myself for a while <*|*>

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Posted by Anne Boulender on 05/07/09 at 01:09 AM

the ratings don't really mean a whole lot though. i mean there are a lot of poems with a lot of high ratings that do absolutely nothing for me, and wouldn't do much for anyone else, including yourself. this is not always the case-- sometimes there are ok or even good poems that make it to the top rated section, but as i keep insisting there are many times when the top rated poetry is not that great. my point is not to take it personally. i've read a lot of poems that are just as good or even better than what is usually on the top rated section. i've also read a lot of poems that are horrible and have no ratings at all. my other point is just write what you want to write and don't care about the ratings, because they don't mean anything or make anything happen.

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Posted by Clara Mae Gregory on 05/07/09 at 02:07 AM

I can so relate to what you are saying and totally agree with Anne's comments as well.I found it works better for me to be a member of more than just one poetry site other than Pathetic for these very reasons.It use to bother me as well, but not any more.It doesn't mean anything to me any more one way or another, when it comes to any of my poems making the top ten here at Pathetic. I could care less.(and again, for the very reasons you presented.So, Ms.Laura, try not to take it to heart.I might as well add, though,that I personally find your work very satisfying and intriguing to read.I like the way you string your words together.You are a really talented and cool poet.Sincerely, ~M

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Posted by Clara Mae Gregory on 05/07/09 at 10:26 AM

ho hum: yawn.(from the forum)>Ms.Bellman states :"what's with all the ratings and commenting conspiracy theories I'm reading in people's journals on here lately?" She's another reason why I don't post my thoughts in my journal.She doesn't get it.BTW,near as I can tell, you are the only person referencing this topic....but then again, I don't go poking my nose in everbody else's journal writings very often.I'll keep the reason to myself.You could probably guess. LOL

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Posted by Elizabeth Jill on 05/07/09 at 04:02 PM

I clicked the one that says it's my first day, because it always is...
What does yours come up with?
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