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"There you are Peter!!!"
06/27/2006 05:36 a.m.
Geez... where have I been. I guess I'm back. How to recap all that's happened... with the time that's passed it couldn't possibly be as genuine. Buckled down for my last semester of college (yeah right). Went out with Julia... I think it lasted a month. My fault. It definitely deserves more than just the recollection that it happened, but it's reduced to that anyway. Found an new vice that kept me up late... on camera scene sucked cause of it. Passed all my classes, just barely. A note to all those I spent the past four years with: You could not possibly know the impact you all have had on my life. I so deeply love all of you. The good times and the bad are all fond memories right now. I only worry that some people don't know how much they've meant to me. I cannot believe that I will not be going back to good old ISU this upcoming semester. My roommates were amazing. From Erica and her boys, to Jacqueline and her nudity, to those moans of accounting torture from my little orange retard, the experience I had was one that could never be recreated. Now, I make my entrance into the real world. The last to walk across the stage and probably the last to find a job. Why won't anyone let me work? All I want to do is be a productive member of society for a while. Did a movie. Space Capsule... a Sci-fi comedy. Auditioned a couple of days ago for a horror movie. Ugh. I'm done typing. There is so much I want to say...
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