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03/22/2002 04:14 a.m.
I don't mind if anybody reads this (obviously, if I'm writing it). As a matter of fact, I encourage it!

I am listening to a CD I just burned (Yay me!) and I have also been reading my friends journals. Reading something like that can give you a very good insight into what they are thinking. Anyway, with all this journal reading, I'm thinking of writing another of my own, like my other friends have.

*Standing before the edge of the bridge*


I have often imagined suffering from the loss of a loved one, and almost shudder with hurt. If this were just a daydream, what if this were real? I cannot imagine the pain of those who have lost someone special, and I hope to never lose any of my friends while yet so young, no matter how they feel about me or if we barely ever talk.


My friends are my friends, that is all there is to it. They may question my integrity, my maturity, everything about me, but rarly do I question them. No matter how often I see them, hear them, interact with them, our friendship is more important to me than any amount of money, or women. Money can be earned no matter how it is lost, friendship's can last a lifetime, no matter how bizarre.

*Still falling*

Dreams..... are weird. Yet somehow are fun, or at least can be. I for one had a hell of a wierd one recently, it's a little vauge, but I'll share just the same. I'm walking into a brighly lit bedroom or living room and I see a lady friend lying on her side back to me watching t.v.. As I walk closer she rolls over and says hi. I say hi also. As I finally get to where she is lying, she reaches out to grasp my crotch, and pulling "me" out, begins to suck. To be honest I was sort-of pleasently suprised, but I remembered that I have a girlfriend and stepped back, pulling myself back in and asked her is she knew where she was. As she was about to answer with a forlorn look, my girfriend enters stating that she just came back from studying. Although she didn't mention anysuch thing I had the strongest impression that she came back from another room inside the building the was like a library. Unfortunately, that is where my dream ends. I told you that it was wierd. I also must thank my girlfriend. If it wasn't for her this dream probably wouldn't have been dreamed. Thank you honey.

*Falling yet even more*

From my friends these thoughts came to mind. I hope these thoughts make you think also.

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