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The Journal of Leah Laiben

Before I Was a Mother
12/02/2007 05:52 p.m.
Before I was a mother I had a mother of my own. She never read me stories, she never stood her ground, she never even picked me up when I was feeling down. She worked at a factory in the middle of our small town, at home she smoked and slept and cleaned and played solitare til dawn. I never understood her, why she was the way she was, but I know that she was tired and alone in taking care of all of us.

Before I was a mother, I thought, "How hard can all this be?" I never really got it, but now it's happening to me. I'm different kind of mother, though--as I'd promised myself I'd be. I play and sing and stand my ground, and I also sit and read. I'm surrounded by small hands and feet and fingerprints on walls. I cook and clean and even kiss their boo-boos when they fall. Milk spills and things break. These will be forgotten. What matters more is the care I take in the blessings I have gotten. And as I type my children play, not with their me or each other, but with the woman I knew as 'Mom' before I was a mother.

**In my defense, I didn't mean for this to ryhme...it just fell out of my head onto the screen this way and FYI...SHE's two and HE just turned one.***
I am currently Lucky
I am listening to A 2yr old talk to Grammy about the Mistmas tree

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