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The Journal of Aaron Howard

Catching back Up...
08/17/2005 06:01 a.m.
Well.. I lost all the data on my HD a week or so ago..
Had a ton of computer issues.. mainly with trying to recover data... insane pain in the ass.. let me tell you..
I've had to install xp like 4 times.. and that my friends.. is a nightmare.. lemme tell you.
Im a one man geek squad.

But I lost alot of my writing.. mainly stories and stuff..
I hate data.. it always seems to go corrupt when you toss it in a corner alone by itself.. :: sigh ::
besdies.. I guess it's only fitting.. since really.. when it comes down to it.. I dont have time for it anymore..

Yeah.. back to two Jobs.. had to.. was stuck in a deep hole..
hell.. I still am in that hole.. but I'm making babysteps out.
I swear.. sometimes I wish I could be so ignorant.. and just be like the shit of america and suck off Uncle Sams millions..
but I have too much pride for that shit.
I'm proabbly just gonna die from an infection from my impacted wisdom teeth... and I'll just be another statistic in america.
another reason to teach your kids to purchase health/dental insurance as soon as they can mow yards.

I love how america now blames the war on us...
Not only do we send our kids into warzones..
But now.. we pay triple at the pump.
It's bullshit.
We don't need to be there..putting our husbands and wives in harms way.. for something that's been going on for a couple thousand years.. and will continue, weither we're there or not...
I mean, we've already just reinstalled the CIA as a puppetmaster over there.. We've set up all the pins.. taken out who we needed to.. and for what? to be hated. You look around at these 3rd world countries.. and see how shitty life could be for you. But what do you do? Think you can help.. You can't help. You can only help yourself.
So What do we do?
We do what every one else does..
Hate America for what it is.
The Anti-Christ Neuvo Rome war machine.
I wonder how much gas we use just on One Hummer over there.
then there's all the aircraft..and tanks..and ships..and generators...No wonder gas is 3.50 a gallon...
Either they fix this.. or they are gonna end up with a full on recession.
I'm already seeing it in the service industry. Everyone's dead. Shops, Pizza, Bars... and man.. Just you wait till it's 5 dollars a gallon. You're gonna see people flipping the fuck out at a gas pump and pulling a gun.

And see.. what most of you dont understand..
the higher gas goes.. the more everything is going to cost..
Airlines are already jacking up rates..Like you wanna fly.
Shipping has already raised prices..Maybe we can just drive america into the ocean and watch it sink with a mound of bubbles and a gurgling little girl in the trunk..called freedom.

We're so screwed. We've got a jerkoff for a president.. who's on fucking vacation while we're at war.
yeah.. War.
We're in it.
You know.. they say that War helps the economy.
Yeah. It's just helping big oil fill it's pockets with our blood and sweat money... we dont get shit from shithole deserts. Just wait.. Alaska's gonna be what starts WW III.
Once the drilling wait expires there..we're all gonna be playing grabass with nukes over alaska..
with china making the deadbaby human bridge around the world.

I look so foreward to waking up tomorrow.. and working a double.. from 10am to 2am.
and then goto bed.. only to have to go do it all over again.
I can't wait for the weekend now... Just so I can sleep.
Speaking of which.
I'll wander back around soon.
I am listening to TimeLess - Ron Van Den Beuken

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